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From: John Allen's Research Squad

RE: Soccer Betting System

football betitng systems reviews

Hi my name is John Allen and I am a senior Punter.

You can't turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper, or go online without hearing about various Sports Betting Systems. "EXPERTS" and "GURUS" that are promoting them, swear that they have found the "Holly Grail" of steady daily income.

But what's the real story? Is there any profitable betting strategy out there?

After being scammed by various "Experts" "Gurus" and junk Betting Methods, in 2008, I have established a team called "John Allen's Research Squad" and started along with some very experienced Punters, working together as a group, to investigate every football betting system that could be found in the market and in various betting forums.

After two years of research

guess what...

98% of all football betting guides turned out to be


Our Reasearch Squad found two methods that worked producing serious income and one

that kept our initial bank alive producing small but steady profit.

Criteria we have used to evaluate the Systems:

  • Review criteria # 1: Initial Bank Size Requirements.
  • Review criteria # 2: Staking Plan
  • Review criteria # 3: Profits / Loses Balance
  • Review criteria # 4: Value for Money.

Football Betting Master

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  • Free Trial - Don't have to Pay in order to Test.
  • Low risk Football Betting System which involves backing from 1,6 to 2,2 odds.
  • Fresh Football Betting Tips straight from the author
  • Produces long term profits.
  • Doesn't Require to bet huge amounts of money.
  • Works on any league or tournament worldwide.
  • Can be done any day at any time you like.
  • Builds betting Bank with minimal risc.
  • Easy to understand and to operate.
  • Great Value for money.
  • Our initial bank increased 1.050% in 60 days !!
Football Betting System

Betfair Trading Expert


  • Medium risk Football Trading System very interesting game selection and an innovative betting twist. 
  • Can Generate profit but watch out for the loosing runs
  • System is time consuming. Spent many hours watching matches.
  • Works only on selected games.
  • You bet on specific days.
  • Medium risk for the bank. Without the appropriate staking plan you can fail.
  • Not expensive.
  • Our initial bank increased 650% in three months 
Football Betting Strategy

NFL Betting Picks


  • Low risk Handicapping American Football Betting System. 
  • Produces long term profits.Great ROI.
  • Clear strategy, very straightforward.
  • Works on selected games.
  • You bet on specific days.
  • Author's picks are pure gold.
  • Good Value for money.
  • Our initial bank increased 60% in two months 

Nfl Betting Picks

Football Betting Systems – How To Find the Best One

Lots of punters are experiencing difficulties when it comes to betting on sports and especially in football - soccer betting. Each uses different kind of info in order to predict the result of a game or a trend of the odds (this one applies in football trading systems) but still many of them are failing to make successful bets. 

My opinion is that those soccer bettors are not using the proper football betting strategy or the best soccer betting strategy. We are not talking here only for a guerilla betting system or a football handicapping system but we are talking in general for various football betting systems that everyone, even a complete newbie could implement and follow in order to make money and improve his income streams. Furthermore every punter should spread the risk, betting in various events even in various sports. Implement a basketball betting system, a baseball betting system even a tennis betting system could be a chance for better profits and success.

Sport betting systems are routines tailored to assist sports bettors generate specific successful bets on several different sports events and especially in football - soccer matches. You  can find various soccer betting websites that market this nature of football betting systems but most of them could be just scams.

A punter that wants to make serious profit in sports betting will find so many systems in the market but can he really try out all of those before he makes the selection and buy? Loads of sites which promote football betting systems want just to take your money and rip you off that’s why it is essential for everyone to make a research before buying a football betting system. 

Reliable soccer gambling systems are difficult to get. Many punters struggle to find football betting systems that really work. To find the one that works try to stick to the following:

Football Betting Forums

A great deal of soccer betting websites state their strategies really do work. I would not believe any hype and any fluff made by them. Before buying a football betting system go and read all the football betting forums and search for decent reviews of the method you are planning to purchase. Many people are willing to freely give their lights and talk about their experiences for the best football betting system.

Cheap / Expensive Football Betting Systems  

Football betting strategies have different price range. Many times those that are very cheap are not very effective. This does not mean that an expensive soccer betting system can not be a scam or unsuccessful. My opinion is that you must not judge from the price if a system is good or not. That is why it is essential to make a research before buying anything or you could lose your hard earned money.

Trial Soccer betting methods   

The best strategy here is to look for a trial before the final purchase. Many vendors are giving free or very cheap trials before the purchase. Grab the opportunity and try the system before you buy. I would suggest trying without betting any real money, go on and paper test / trade first in order to see how effective every method is.

Searching for a football betting system that works

Criteria to evaluate the Systems:

Initial Bank Size Requirements

Many systems in order to work require a big staking bank. But what if someone hasn’t got a big deal of money? Before buying a "football betting system" you have to know if you have enough bankroll to follow the strategy. For example many systems in the market are implementing the “Martingale Staking Plan” (not our favourite system at all). This system in order to implement it you have to obtain a huge staking bank.  Before you buy a football betting system, learn about the requirements of the staking bank because you could spend your money to purchase and then you could end unable to implement it.

Staking Plan

The football betting system’s staking plan is one of the most essential factors of its success or of its failure. Many methods came out with some interesting ideas to implement but they are failing to follow the proper staking plan. The proper staking plan can keep your bankroll safe even after a long loosing run. Furthermore the best staking plan can appoint you the exit point in order to lose the smallest possible amount of money. In case of a winning run, the proper staking plan can maximise your profits and make you a great deal of money. Have in mind that implementing the proper staking plan requires from you to be disciplined and not change the rules of a system. If you change the rules before concluding the test, you will come out with not safe results.

Profits / Loses Balance in a Given Period Of Time

Every football betting system (and generally every sports betting system) must be tested in a given period of time. Do not test a strategy only for a weekend or a week. A system in order to be successful must provide profits in the long run. What if you make 1000$, or 1000£ or 1000 € in a weekend staking in two or three matches if your whole month result makes you lose 10.000$/£/€??? Give the system at least a month to test. I would suggest if you are a newbie to paper test it first. Have in mind that senior punters usually are testing the betting systems for a bigger period of time.

Value for Money – Money Back Guarantee

As I have mentioned above you must not be fooled from the purchase cost of a football betting system. If it is cheap or expensive does not mean anything. The thing you must concern you is the ratio between the purchase cost and the income that a given football betting system is producing. So if you purchase a system that costs 40 £ and this system is producing you an income of 100£ every month, it is better than the system that costs 100£ and is producing 110£ monthly. So watch out for the ratio between the cost and the final income.
Last but not least always search for systems that are giving you back the purchase money in case that you are not satisfied with their results. So if you paper test the system and does not produce profitable results you can always ask your money back! Provide yourself a win – win situation here!

In the internet market there are numerous football betting systems and bots that claim that will make you rich. In order to be sure about a system before buying it, make your own research in order to take the final decision about which football betting system is the best for your needs. Use the criteria provided here in order to make a better football betting system selection.

All the best!

John Allen & Squad

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